Hints, Tips & FAQs

photo orientation:- Please could you make sure that your photos are the correct way up when submitted.

Quality:- It's the image content that is important not the quality of the photo, we just want you to have fun and not worry that you might not have the best camera in the world to take the picture.

Collages:- All classes allow collage photos, these show off more than one image of your horse within a single photo entry. You must make your own collage, You can search via any internet browser from most devices, to find the best app for you.

Which class should you enter:- Read the description of each class, it lets you know exactly what the judge is looking for, enter the class that most suits your photo

Smart Photography:- Take many more photos than you need.

Allow the horse and rider to focus on their riding and not be distracted by you.

Use horizontal mode if you do take photos with your phone to fit more into the frame.

You don't need to go out and take a new photo for the shows, any photo, any age will do.

Health:- You can submit photos of any horse as long as you have the owners permission, if you can no longer compete or your horse is no longer able to compete these shows are perfect, we wholeheartedly encourage this on HorseShoe Online Show.