May Show Ends at: 9pm (GMT) 31st - Open To All Local, National & International Competitors

Class 1 - Headshot - Geldings

1ST Tegan and Duncan

2ND Anne and Billy

3RD Clare and Flint

4TH Caroline and Freddie

5TH Carol and Mickey blue

6TH Danae and Strider

6TH Lauren and Max

Class 2 - Perfect Partners

1ST CJ and Lalabell

2ND Danae and Strider

3RD Sophie and Albie

4TH Amy and Cindy

5TH Milli and Louis

6TH CJ and Jesse James

7TH Carol and Mickey blue

8TH Deborah and Jemima

Class 3 - Equines and there friends

1ST Caroline with Freddie & Friends

2ND Milli with Millie & Lola

3RD Anne with Boomer & Quinn

4TH Clare with Flint & Sky

5TH Amy with Cindy & Bess

6TH Anne with Romeo & Boomer

Class 4 - Veterans (> 15)

1ST Mary and Pantera

2ND Karen and Blossom

3RD Lisa and Keystone

4TH Jodie and Billski

5TH Carol and Mickey blue

6TH Caroline and Freddie

7TH Tegan and Duncan

7TH Lauren and Max

8TH Maggie and Quaver

8TH Milla and Blue Beauty

Class 5 - Handsome Gelding

1ST Julie and Beau

2ND Lauren and Max

3RD Deborah and Zeus

4TH Anne and Romeo

5TH Anne and Boomer

6TH Caroline and Freddie

special Lisa and Keystone

Class 5 - Beautiful Mares

1ST Mary and Pantera

2ND Milli and Zig

3RD Debbie and Jemima

4TH Susan and Ruby

5TH Liza and Dottie

6TH Joanne and Kizzy

Special Ruby and Fern

Class 6 - Best Mane and Tail

1ST Jodie and Angel

2ND Danae and Strider

3RD Clare and Flint

4TH Carol and Mickey blue

5TH Ann and Billy

6TH CJ and Lalabell

7TH Lauren and Max

8TH Anne and Romero

8TH Donna and Jesse James

Class 8 - Let Sleeping Dog's Lie

1ST Olivia and Betty

2ND Donna and Exoset

3RD Vicki and Marley

4TH Amy and Bess

5TH Leeanne and Derrie

6TH Milli and Lola

7TH Caroline and Riggs

8TH Karen and Rossi

Special Anne and Quinn

Special Sarah and Mouse