June Results 2019

Class 1 - Best Headshot

    1ST Heather and Ruby

    2ND Alicia and Furn

    3RD Willow and VIP(pip)

    4TH Lucy and Poppy

    5TH Louise and Domino

    6TH Liza and Etty

Class 2 - Selfie with your Equine

    1ST Willow and VIP(pip)

    2ND Naomi and Chloe

    3RD Claire and Maxwell

    4TH Abi and Mac

    5TH Deborah and Zeus

    6TH Carol and Mickey blue

Class 3 - Fathers Day Special

    1ST CJ and Lalabell with Dad

    2ND Danae and Strider with dad

    3RD Mary and Pantera with dad

    4TH Abi and Mac with dad

    5TH Karen and Abbey with Dave

    6TH Joanne with family

    6TH Carol and Mickey blue

Class 4 - Veterans (15 - 20 Years)

    1ST Willow and VIP (pip)

    2ND Emma and Teddy

    3RD Chelsea and Kodi

    4TH Claire and Maxwell

    5TH Anne and Boomer

    6TH Dia and Shelia

Class 4 - Veterans (Over 21)

    1ST Abi and Misty

    2ND Naomi and Chloe

    3RD Karen and Blossom

    4TH Jo and Mia

    5TH Heather and Poppy

    6TH Caroline and Freddie

    Special Donna and Sygate Samuel

Class 5 - Field Time Fun

    1ST Liza and Dottie

    2ND Claire and Maxwell

    3RD Carol and Mickey blue

    4TH Anne and Boomer

    5TH Caroline and Ready steady Freddie

    6TH CJ and Lalabell

Class 6 - Happy Hacking

    1ST CJ and Lalabell

    2ND Megan and Taboo

    3RD Donna and Kyneton Moorlight

    4TH Jo and Gypsy

    5TH Abi and Mac

    6TH Anne and Boomer

    Special Liza and Dottie

Class 7 - Rainy Days & Mud Days

    1ST Karen and Blossom

    2ND Heather and Lucky buttons

    3RD Donna and Poppy

    4TH Abi and Misty

    5TH Abi and Mac

    6TH Liza and Chammy

    6TH Jo and Mac

Class 8 - Handsome Gelding

    1ST Caroline and Freddie

    2ND Donna and Chops

    3RD Chelsea and Kodi

    4TH Lucy and Domino

    5TH Carol and Mickey blue

    6TH Anne and Romeo

    Special Claire and Maxwell

Class 9 - Beautiful Mares

    1ST Heather and Ruby

    2ND Millie and Perdy

    3RD Lucy and Poppy

    4TH Emma and Daisy Mai

    5TH Donna and Kyneton moorlight

    6TH Karen and Blossom

    Special Joanne and Kizzy

    Special Alicia and Fern

    Special Mary and Pantera

Class 10 - You & Your Dog

    1ST Anne and Roger

    2ND Bobby and Derrie

    3RD Olivia and Betty

    4TH Deborah and Jazz

    5TH Joanne with Jacob and Freddie

    6TH Donna and Buster

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