May Show Ends at: 9pm (GMT) 31st - Open To All Local, National & International Competitors

Class 1 - Best Headshot

1ST Caroline and Freddie

2ND Lisa and Dottie

3RD Larnie and Gumnuts

4TH Megan and Taboo

5TH Milli and Louis

6TH Emma and Mickey

7TH Carol and Mickey blue

8TH Lisa and Eagle

Special Jennifer & miss Jojo

Class 2 - Perfect Partners

1ST Larnie & Kerrie with Tim

2ND Megan and Taboo

3RD Abi and Mac

4TH CJ and Jesse James

5TH Karen and Abi with Spirit

6TH Deborah and Olivia with Zeus

7TH Vicki and Kes

8TH Ann and Billy

Special PomPom Rosettes to:-

Kate and Seal

Lauren and Max

Class 3 - LOL Moments

1ST Milli and Louis

2ND Carol and Mickey blue

3RD Kay and Woody

4TH Caroline and freddie

5TH Anne and Boomer

6TH Vicki and Kes

7TH Deborah and Zeus

8TH Abi and Mac

Special liza and Etty

Special Anne and Billy

Class 4 - Spring is in the Air

1ST Ricky and Keystone

2ND Lauren and Max

3RD Larnie and Gumnuts

4TH CJ and Lalabell

5TH Amy and Cindy

6TH Anne and Romeo

7TH Milli and Louis

8TH Emma and Mickey

Class 5 - Veterans

1ST Carol and Mickey blue

2ND Karen and Blossom

3RD Megan and Taboo

4TH Kate and Seal

5TH Abi and Misty

6TH Caroline and Freddie

7TH Kay and Woody

8TH Larnie and Gumnuts

Special Mary and Pantera

Class 6 - Action Shot-Ridden

1ST Joanne and Kizzy

2ND Abbey and Spirit

3RD Andrew and Cindy

4TH Milli and Louis

5TH Lauren and Max

6TH Melissa and Mickey

Class 6 - Action Shot Non-Ridden

p>1ST Robyn and Nev

2ND Molly and Corey

3RD Shannon and Memory

4TH Carol and Mickey blue

5TH Anne and Boomer

6TH Lisa with Timmy & Siarah

Special Donna and Jesse James

Special Deborah and Zeus

Class 7 - Black and White

1ST Anne and Boomer

2ND Shannon and Memory

3RD Emma and Mickey

4TH Kay and Digger

5TH Caroline and Freddie

6TH Deborah & Olivia with Zeus

7TH Lauren and Max

8TH Donna and Jesse James

Class 8 - The Love of Dogs

1ST Molly and Jef

2ND Amy and Bess

3rd Leeanne and Derrie

4TH Karen and Rossi

5TH Anne and Ollie

6TH Anne and Roger

7TH Lauren and Poppy

8TH Deborah and Jazz