May Results 2019

Class 1 - Best Headshot

    1ST Emma and Daisey mai

    2ND Liza and chammy

    3RD Heather and buttons

    4TH Milli and Perdy

    5TH Megan and Taboo

    6TH Danae and Strider

    7TH Frankie and Bella

    8TH Lucy and Poppy

    Special Kate and Seal

Class 2 - Me & My Horse

    1ST Steve and Kes

    2ND Carol and mickey blue

    3RD Abi and Mac

    4TH CJ and Jesse

    5TH Danae and Strider

    6TH Caitlin and Doodle

    7TH Frankie and Bella

    8TH Anne and Boomer

    Special Ruby and Fern

Class 3 - Over the rainbow

    Each of you will receive a special rosette as it was unfair to place all our beautiful over the rainbow equines, each one means so much to each one of you.

    Liza and Blue

    Caz and babe

    Milli with Louis and Millie

    Debbie and Gogo

    Mila and City prince

    Mary and Harriet

    Donna and Kyneton moorlight

    Karen and Demi

    Clare and Echo

Class 4 - Veterans (Over 15)

    1ST Karen and Blossom

    2ND Liza and Bertie

    3RD Caroline and Freddie

    4TH Megan and Taboo

    5TH Georgina and Dixie

    6TH Abi and Mac

    7TH Donna and Sygate samuel

    8TH Abi and Misty

    Special Naomi and Chloe

Class 5 - Splish Splash Splosh

    1ST Karen and Blossom

    2ND Mary and Pantera

    3RD Milli and Millie

    4TH Liza and Dottie

    5TH Carol and Mickey blue

    6TH Caz and Voodoo

    7TH Deborah & Olivia with Zeus

    8TH CJ and Jesse

    8TH Anne and Boomer

Class 6 - Through The Ages

    1ST Deborah & Olivia with Zeus

    2ND Caroline and Freddie

    3RD Anne and Boomer

    4TH Anne and Romeo

    5TH Ruby and Fern

    6TH Donna and Kyneton moorlight

    7TH Danae and Strider

    8TH CJ and Jesse

Class 7 - Ridden

    1ST Danae and Strider

    2ND Frankie and Bella

    3RD Karen and Blossom

    4TH Donna and Kyneton moorlight

    5TH Milli and Perdy

    6TH Liza ad Dottie

    6TH Abi and Misty

    Special Caroline & Freddie

Class 7 - Non-Ridden

    1ST Sue and Paddington

    2ND CJ and Jesse

    3RD Donna and Kyneton moorlight

    4TH Steve and Kez

    5TH Carol and Mickey blue

    5TH Deborah & Olivia with Zeus

    6TH Anne and Boomer

Class 8 - Let Sleeping Dog's Lie

    1ST Anne and Ollie

    2ND Leeanne and Derrie

    3RD Deborah & Olivia with Jazz

    4TH Lindsay and Bruno

    5TH Anne and Roger

    6TH Olivia and Betty

    7TH Anne and Quinn

    8TH Donna and Buster

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