September Results 2019

Class 1 - Best Headshot - Mares

    1ST Sharon and Sinade

    2ND Steph and Roxy

    3RD Donna and Kyneton Moorlight

    4TH Jenny and Lucy

    5TH Megan and Taboo

    6TH Tracy and Lucy

    Special Milli & Perdy

Class 1 - Best Headshot - Gelding

    1ST Jayne and Jack

    2ND Lisa and Rocky

    3RD Chiara and Anton

    4TH Kate and Puzzle

    5TH Caroline and Freddie

    6TH Jenny and H.K

    Special Julie & Woody

Class 3 - Best All Round Equine

    1ST Sophia and Lady

    2ND Alison and Tamarind

    3RD Caroline and Freddie

    4TH Ingrid and Blackfort Danny

    5TH Claire and Maxwell

    6TH Chiara and Hofdi

    Special CJ and Lalabell

    Special Donna & kyneton Moorlight

Class 4 - Veterans (15 - 20)

    1ST Kate and Jasper

    2ND Chiara and Darco

    3RD Megan and Taboo

    4TH Anne and Boomer

    5TH Anne and Romeo

    6TH Ingrid and Boris

    Special Carol & Mickey Blue

Class 4 - Veterans (21+)

    1ST Caroline and Freddie

    2ND Sharon and Sinead

    3RD Janet and Alice

    4TH Karen and Blossom

    5TH Naomi and Chloe

    6TH Jayne and Spangles

Class 5 - Equines Having a Snooze - Mares

    1ST Alison and Tamarind

    2ND Jenny and Lucy

    3RD Heather and Ruby

    4TH Jayne and Dakota

    5TH Chelsea and Poppy

    6TH Steph and Roxy

Class 5 - Equines Having a Snooze - Gelding

    1ST Jenny and H.K

    2ND Claire and Maxwell

    3RD Carol and Titan

    4TH Louise and Domino

    5TH Leilani and Archie

    6TH Lisa and Rocky

Class 6 - Best Family Photo With Your Equine

    1ST CJ and Lalabell

    2ND Jayne and Spangles

    3RD Debbie and Casperello Crème

    4TH Caroline and Freddie

    5TH Carol and Oliver

    6TH Jayne and Family

    Special Carol & Mickey Blue

Class 7 - Best Black & White

    1ST Megan and Taboo

    2ND Julie and Woody

    3RD Lisa and Rocky

    4TH Donna and Kyneton Moorlight

    5TH Ingrid and Blackfort Danny

    6TH Chelsea and Kodi

    Special Clare with Flint & Sky

Class 8 - Marvelous Mares

    1ST Chiara and Thraela

    2ND Naomi and Chloe

    3RD Jenny and Lucy

    4TH Donna and Kyneton Moorlight

    5TH Lucy and Poppy

    6TH Heather and Ruby

    Special Angela & Aries

    Special Carol & Persephone

Class 9 - Gorgeous Gelding

    1ST Kate and Jasper

    2ND Ingrid and Blackfort Danny

    3RD Chiara and Hofdi

    4TH Donna and Sygate Samuel

    5TH Claire and Maxwell

    6TH Morvyn and Alfie

Class 10 - Dogs And There Toys

    1ST Ingrid and River

    2ND Anne and Ollie

    3RD Anne and Roger

    4TH Carol with Bertie and Tiny

    5TH Kate and Coalie

    6TH Leeanne and Derrie

Class 11 - Family Pets

    1ST Carol with Frankie & Eddie the Goats

    2ND Donna and her Piggies

    3RD Sharon with Lilly & Lola the Sheep

    4TH Tracy with Fern and Holly

    5TH Kate and Honey Bunny

    6TH Anne and Molly

    Special Chelsea and Loki

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