You & Your Rosettes

Carol, USA

The lovely Carol with Mickey blue showing off his winning rosettes from March Show

Caroline, UK

At the age of 31 Freddie has achieved Champion in showing for the first time ever! 😍 We're both very proud ❤️

Deborah, UK

Jazz checking out her rosette 💕

Shannon, UK

The lovely Memory showing off his winning rosette

Clare & Abi, UK

Thank you! Mac and Misty love their rosettes

Molly, UK

Corey showing off his beautiful January champion rosette

Anne, Canada

Romeo with his rosette

Anne, Canada

Boomer with his rosettes. He is such a character, I would almost have them all placed and he kept shaking his head to knock them off. I think he did it on purpose to make me keep having to pick them up 😍

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